Small Banking Failures or Public Banking?

The SVG and Signature bank failures has everyone talking about bank regulations. But what about better competition? If you believe it’s time for small regional banks to have their fair share of competition, learn more about public banking–and spread the word!

For a quick and brilliant overview of public banking, you can read Nathan Newman’s article: Build Public Banks as Response to SVB & Signature Bank Failures | Left Future. It’s a must-read! It ties together the small banking concepts behind the North Dakota Public Bank, gov’t local lending programs & Green Banking. The piece has spurred my own research and advocacy of public banking. (Follow the links in this post for background information.)

NEXT STEP: Please urge your elected officials to read Nathan Newman’s article and/or research this topic further. Public banking has a stabilizing effect on local economies. It also provides competition to private banking, which helps clip the wings of a financial sector that has accumulated far too much corporate power (and misuses it).

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One thought on “Small Banking Failures or Public Banking?

  1. If there were a government-owned national bank, few people would have their money in an investor-owned bank. That’s why there isn’t one.

    A state-owned bank would be the next best thing, but most state legislatures are owned by the banks and other corporations, just like the Congress.

    While in the Senate, Biden was known as the senator from MBNA, a huge credit card issuing bank at the time.


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