Small Banking Failures or Public Banking?

The SVG and Signature bank failures has everyone talking about bank regulations. But what about better competition? If you believe it’s time for small regional banks to have their fair share of competition, learn more about public banking–and spread the word!

For a quick and brilliant overview of public banking, you can read Nathan Newman’s article: Build Public Banks as Response to SVB & Signature Bank Failures | Left Future. It’s a must-read! It ties together the small banking concepts behind the North Dakota Public Bank, gov’t local lending programs & Green Banking. The piece has spurred my own research and advocacy of public banking. (Follow the links in this post for background information.)

NEXT STEP: Please urge your elected officials to read Nathan Newman’s article and/or research this topic further. Public banking has a stabilizing effect on local economies. It also provides competition to private banking, which helps clip the wings of a financial sector that has accumulated far too much corporate power (and misuses it).

Lauren Boebert Sparks My Righteous Anger

Happy Sunday! It’s a day to ponder spiritual truths and wonders. Or engage in righteous anger.

I just posted a little rant at PostNews about how Lauren Boebert quoted Psalm 109:8 and prayed for the demise of President Joe Biden. (Can you believe the gall?!?) The post is called, “Biden Removal by Death or Impeachment?” If you’re willing, please go over there to read the post, and add your thoughts.

A raging bull, filled with righteous anger!
A raging bull, filled with righteous anger!

Sunset Legislation of Federal Programs Clearly Outlined in Rick Scott’s 12-Point America Rescue Plan

President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address last night was outstanding. I especially enjoyed how he turned the tables on Republican hecklers who called him a liar about GOP plans to “sunset” Social Security. Phenomenal!

The “Sunset” Source

But for anyone who may question President Biden’s statement in his SOTU address, claiming some Republicans want to “sunset” Social Security & Medicare, the source is linked here. Verify it for yourself!

While serving as Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) published the 12-Point Rescue America Plan. In Point 6, he says, “All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again.” Federal legislation includes Social Security, Medicare, veteran benefits, housing and food supplementation programs, and more!

Republicans consider many federal programs to be examples of “socialism.” And they hate socialism. If in power, do we really think the GOP would pass such programs again?

The Real Reason to “Sunset”

What’s the real reason for Republicans to “privatize” Social Security? They would earn kudos from their crony capitalist friends. If Social Security were “sunset,” for instance, it would allow bankers and financiers to privatize it, and make PRIVATE profits from the retirement savings of American citizens. Exorbitant profits, as the trust funds of earned entitlement programs currently hold billions of dollars. (That’s why it’s called “privatized,” in case you thought it referred to your cozy, private retirement account.)

The Downside to Privatized Retirement Accounts

There is a downside to privatized retirement accounts. Ask yourself:

  • Can low-wage earners save for retirement on their own? Many underpaid workers cannot contribute to a 401K plan now, even if their employers offer such a benefit.
  • Will privatized retirement savings be carefully, conservatively, and safely invested? Not like the U.S. Government can, whose sovereign currency is a protection from default. (It’s true! Modern Monetary Theory explains it. Click on these links to learn more: article or book.)
  • What happens to privatized retirement accounts during an economic dip or crash? They lose value.
  • Would privatized retirement savings serve as an insurance program? Not likely. American citizens would be giving up a “social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability and survivor benefits.”

Contact your Congressional Representatives. Tell them to work with President Joe Biden to protect and expand Social Security.

Chris Hedges Is Reality, and Reality Is Healthy

I was in the hospital during the 2022 election results. (Ovarian cyst. Benign. Recovering nicely, but pain getting in or out of bed.) Last night, finally, I slept longer than two hours; 4-5 hours, in fact!

Even better, after the nice rest, I woke to the voice of Chris Hedges from the Chromebook at my bedside. Why was that good? Chris Hedges is not exactly “Mr Hopeful.”

Certainly not. But Hedges IS the perfect antidote to the Democratic Party’s groundless euphoria over not losing worse in the 2022 Midterm Election. Chris Hedges is reality, and reality is healthy!

Chris Hedges “America: The Farewell Tour” | Town Hall Seattle, 2018.

You see, our nation’s problems are long and deep, like a slow-growing cellular mass that could be cancerous and life-threatening. The Democrat’s 2022 semi-win did not remove, cure, or fix any of that. Problems can only be solved within the realm of reality.

I am personally healing from actual surgery, regaining health and strength–and I get a great booster shot of Chris Hedges’ reality. You grasp the serendipitous connection of Hedges to healing? Yes? No? You must listen to the video above.

Here’s wishing every Blue Voter a big swallow of bitter-tasting, but life-affirming, medicinal reality. If you haven’t yet met him, I offer you the brilliant Chris Hedges–author, teacher, war correspondent, ordained minister, and brave, hopeless man who continues to fight the Good Fight without beliving the “Good” can win. (WHY does he do that? Is he right to be hopeless?)

Stay real. Stay healthy. Stay strong!

How to Listen to News and Info With a Critical Ear

People are inundated with a copious amount of news and information. How do we know which of it is reliable? And how should we connect the dots?

You can develop a sense for ‘real news’ by listening with a critical ear:

  • Ask questions.
  • Escape the information loop.
  • Seek under-reported stories and expert views.

An accurate ‘big picture’ will take form. You’ll then connect the dots with a high degree of veracity.

Effective analysis helps you accurately connect-the-dots in the Big Picture.

Ask Questions

There are certain questions we should consider, when hearing news or receiving information. Ask yourself:

  • Is this source reliable?
  • Is the information up-to-date?
  • Is the information accurate?
  • Is it the whole story?
  • Is it factual news, an editorial opinion, or satire?
  • Why are they telling me this?
  • What are the opposing views? (For a quick take on opposing views, swing through Improve the News.)

Escape the Information Loop

Whichever news and information sources you rely upon, try adding a new source or two.

Escape Corporate Bias

If the news you usually hear is owned and sponsored by huge corporations, tune into Democracy Now to escape corporate bias. It’s a noncorporate, viewer-funded, award-winning news outlet that reports domestic & international news, Monday through Friday. Without Big Business on the editorial board, Democracy Now is free to provide in-depth coverage of the day’s news from a societal perspective and to highlight relevant people-powered activism.

Escape the All-American News Diet

Break away from the all-American news diet to broaden your perspective. Read English-language BBC and CBC news reports, taking note of their U.S. news coverage. Our cousin sovereign states, the United Kingdom and Canada, offer a mild dose of U.S. news objectivity. Those fluent in more languages can, of course, further expand their geographical news consumption.

Vet your international news sources, and aim for something that is mainstream. In this case, we’re less concerned with corporate bias. We want to avoid stumbling into news and commentary that, as foreign news consumers, we may not recognize as underground or extremist. You can hunt for reputable international news sources by checking the Top 200 Newspapers in the World.

Escape Social Media Feed Loops

When you follow news feeds on social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, you must realize you’re being ‘fed’ news stories that are designed to captivate your attention–and the news feed selection is entirely based on your previous social media activity! This creates a tightening inward spiral, instead of an outward unfolding. While it may feel comfortable to digest news that confirms everything you already know and think, you must break out of the social media loop in order to discover more varied news reports, unknown topics of interest, and other valid perspectives. Be an independent explorer of news and information. For example, go directly to the website of any trustworthy news outlet for your general daily news update. Be the hunter, not the captive prey.

Seek Under-Reported News

Many extremely important, well-documented news stories are under-reported. Keep tabs on Project Censored “for the news that didn’t make the news.” You are guaranteed to be amazed at, and concerned about, the news that cable TV neglects.

You can also follow websites that are dedicated to a particular field (art, science, finance, technology) or topic (cultural events, climate change, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence). You’ll learn valuable news and information long before it appears in the mainstream media (MSM), if ever.

Follow the experts. People who specialize in a particular field–like professors, scientists, issue advocates, and investigative reporters–dedicate their careers to decades of research and practice in a specific discipline. They are accustomed to debating the finer points of their subject with equally dedicated peers, and are skilled at identifying weak arguments and contradictions. They write books. Experts clear away the misunderstandings that laypeople may mistakenly hold.

No Time for News?

What if you don’t have time to be a critical news consumer? Then listen to the professionals who do it for you–while you’re driving to work, or doing household chores.

Check out my “Independent Progressive News and Commentary Directory” for left-wing programming. For the moderate liberal view, NPR and PBS cover a broad field of news and noteworthy topics. The so-called ‘public’ stations are partly member-supported, but also accept major contributions from big corporations and wealthy philanthropists… so keep that in mind.

Most other news outlets possess a heavy corporate bias. It doesn’t matter whether they’re conservative or liberal. Big Money rules the mainstream media. If that sounds depressing, remember how Gil Scott-Heron put it: “the revolution will not be televised.” (You have to appreciate how well he put truth and wit to music!)

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” Written and performed by Gil Scott-Heron. 1971.

Stay Ahead of the Game

A rewarding aspect of following independent news is staying ahead of the game. While other people mope around, saying “nothing will ever change,” you know of a horde of individuals and organizations who are fighting the Good Fight for real people (not the corporations). That is uplifting, alone. But advance notice also gives you the chance to understand what is likely to come next. Perhaps you will also advocate, or even become an activist, for the viewpoints you support–in time to make a difference.

People follow the news in search of both progress and preservation. But we must not let our emotions lead. Take care to activate your analytical left-brain, in order to see the big picture and accurately connect the dots. President John F. Kennedy once said that he had “complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.” Consuming the news with a critical mind is something we owe ourselves, one another, and future generations.

The American Mass Shooting Phenomena That Republicans Cause

The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed gun control measures. It is the U.S. Republican Senate that is blocking gun control legislation.

Addressing the Perpetrators

I privately emailed my Republican senators in Florida and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell. (, enter your state in upper left field) This is what I said:

I ask, along with President Joe Biden, “When, in God’s Name, are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” #GunControlNow

Then I went public. Same message.

I twitted them: @SenRubioPress @SenRickScott @McConnellPress

I contacted them on facebooked: @SenatorMarcoRubio @RickScottSenOffice @mitchmcconnell

Mass Shooting Background Info

This post is inspired by the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX that happened yesterday (19 children and 2 teachers shot dead). See: Texas shooting: 19 children among dead in primary school attack | BBC.

(Yeah, that’s a BBC article. I want to point out that nations around the world report on American Mass Shootings. They are mystified by the phenomenon, and pity us.)

The other recent big American mass shooting happened in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, May 14. Ten black grocery shoppers were shot dead by a white supremacist. In both mass shootings, the shooters were only 18 years old.

It’s hard to follow American mass shootings (four or more people shot or killed, not including the shooter). There are so many that regularly occur. Your emotions may shut down.

Go to the Gun Violence Archive to keep up with the plain, simple facts. For example, as of May 25, 2022, there have been 213 American mass shootings since January 1st.

Late last night, as I walked outside, I felt terror start to rise up. I shoved it right back down. But here’s the thing: I’m not suppressing terror at being shot and killed. I’m terrified for our country.

Matthew 19: A Sunday Scripture to Share With Far-Right Christian Friends

The temptation to rely on material wealth for security, comfort and status is very great. It absolutely appeals to the flesh! So, if you know anyone engaged in far-right Christian politics, please remind them of Matthew 19:16-30–before they block any more government safety net programs.

Jesus gave up the good life “Up There” to be a poor, dark-skinned socialist “Down Here.”

Matthew 19:16-30

The Rich and the Kingdom of God

16 And someone came to Him and said, “Teacher, what [essentially] good thing shall I do to obtain eternal life [that is, eternal salvation in the Messiah’s kingdom]?” 17 Jesus answered, “Why are you asking Me about what is [essentially] good? There is only One who is [essentially] good; but if you wish to enter into eternal life, keep the commandments.” 18 He said to Jesus, “Which commandments?” And Jesus answered, “You shall not commit murder; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not steal; You shall not give false testimony; 19 Honor your father and mother; and love your neighbor as yourself” [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for others]. 20 The young man said to Him, “I have kept all these things [from my youth]; what do I still lack?” 21 Jesus answered him, “If you wish to be perfect [that is, have the spiritual maturity that accompanies godly character with no moral or ethical deficiencies], go and sell what you have and give [the money] to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me [becoming My disciple, believing and trusting in Me and walking the same path of life that I walk].” 22 But when the young man heard this, he left grieving and distressed, for he owned much property and had many possessions [which he treasured more than his relationship with God].

23 Jesus said to His disciples, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, it is difficult for a rich man [who clings to possessions and status as security] to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man [who places his faith in wealth and status] to enter the kingdom of God.” 25 When the disciples heard this, they were completely [a]astonished and bewildered, saying, “Then who can be saved [from the wrath of God]?” 26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With people [as far as it depends on them] it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

The Disciples’ Reward

27 Then Peter answered Him, saying, “Look, we have given up everything and followed You [becoming Your disciples and accepting You as Teacher and Lord]; what then will there be for us?” 28 Jesus said to them, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, in the renewal [that is, the Messianic restoration and regeneration of all things] when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you [who have followed Me, becoming My disciples] will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake will receive many times as much, and will inherit eternal life. 30 But many who are first [in this world] will be last [in the world to come]; and the last, first. Read full chapter


  1. Matthew 19:25 These declarations of Jesus directly contradicted the teaching of the Pharisees that God bestows wealth on those He loves and chooses. If the rich were not automatically granted entrance to God’s kingdom, how could the common man ever be welcomed?

Matthew 19:16-30, Amplified Bible, at Bible Gateway

Rick Scott Speaks at Notre Dame University

What got to me, what brought on my Sunday sermon, is that I saw Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) boasting on Twitter that he spoke at the University of Notre Dame.

I don’t know if anyone at Notre Dame actually read Scott’s 11-Point Plan to Rescue America, before they invited him to their symposium to talk about protecting families and democracy. I tried to alert Notre Dame (albeit, after the fact).

Since Notre Dame is a Catholic university, scriptures began flooding my mind; scriptures that jive with a people-loving, socialist-like Jesus of the New Testament. Notice the footnote to Matthew 19:25, above. Still, today, many people make a mistake in believing that “God bestows wealth on those He loves and chooses.”

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