19 Radical Progressive Candidates Running for U.S. Senate & Structural Change

Do you want single-payer Medicare for All? Do you want a Green New Deal? Then #AnyBlueWon’tDo, when it comes to building a U.S. Senate that’s equipped for life-saving, planet-saving structural change. Here are the 2020 radical progressive U.S. Senate candidates who will make a difference!

285 Progressive Primary Wins, So Far… and More

Today, I aim to fill-in the progressive news gap a wee bit — just enough to banish the political blahs — so that you may enjoy your precious weekend with renewed patriotic faith and vigor..

Real Progressives Deal with Political Corruption

Many nice Democrat candidates put Universal Healthcare or a Living Wage on their campaign platforms, but I wonder if they really mean it — if they do not also express determination to get Big Money out of politics…

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