Progressive Voter Guide: an Election Information & Resource List

LAST UPDATED: October 21, 2022

People need reliable information about candidates BEFORE they vote. Voters need to select and support candidates BEFORE primary election day. But voters are often too busy or inexperienced to effectively review candidates. The information resources listed below are very helpful with candidate research. Use them, and share them with your friends.

Ignore political campaign ads. Such ads may be highly deceitful. Political campaign ads are NOT regulated by truth-in-advertising laws. (Political advertisements are considered “free speech.”)

NOTE: Progressive Graffiti is biased toward unbought, noncorporate, progressive candidates. However, Blue Wave apps and tools are included–for those voters who wish to vote strategically. As always, apply your own best judgement.

Political Information

2022 Noncorporate National Candidates Nationwide Directory – Updated by Yours Truly. Find all your 2022 unbought candidates for national office who reject corporate money. Links to candidate websites and Twitter accounts are supplied. You may subscribe to a 7-day free trial, or support this work with a paid subscription.

Ballotpedia – A nonprofit and nonpartisan online political encyclopedia that covers federal, state, and (some) local elections. It will tell you when a candidate is nominated by their party, instead of a primary election. It will tell you which candidates did not meet ballot requirements. It alerts you to ballot initiatives, but does not explain them.

Blue Voters Guide – Available for Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Candidates for the U.S. Congress and State Senate and House offices. If you’re trying to vote Blue-friendly, this app ALSO helps with local nonpartisan candidates like judges and school board members.

The Green Papers – Monitors which candidates are in a race and the election results. The focus is on candidates running for national and top state offices.

Hold Your Nose, and Create Big Stormy Blue Waves in November 2022 – Provided by Yours Truly. This post is completely free. Links to candidate websites and Twitter accounts are supplied. Check it out, if you want to join the Blue Wave to vote strategically in 2022. “January 6 was just practice… Republicans have been building an apparatus for election theft.” Consider voting Blue, so we can live to fight another day–and keep working like Hell on democratic reforms.

OpenSecrets – Find out which incumbent candidates for national office take corporate PAC money, and how much.

Statewide Ballot Measures Database – Enter a state and/or a ballot topic. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) will list the voter initiatives that are on the ballot.

[The wording of ballot measures, or initiatives, can be confusing. It is best to do an Internet search for each ballot measure, by using it’s official name. (See the NCSL database link, above.) Try to find organizations that support a vote one way, or another. Scrutinize what they say about the ballot issue in question.]

Vote 411 – Get all the specific voter information you need in your state, from voter registration deadlines, to polling locations, to primary and general election dates. Plus, the candidates and any scheduled debates. Courtesy of the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.

You must scrutinize the candidates and ballot measures.

TIP: Avoid the information bubble that is based on your previous Internet searches and website visits. Use the DuckDuckGo search engine. Because it does NOT save your personal search and browsing histories, you might learn something you didn’t already know!

Candidate Support – When you find Democratic candidates that you want to win, help them by donating cash to their campaigns. Give whatever you can easily afford. Small grassroots contributions build up, when hundreds or thousands of people chip in. Create a personal ActBlue account, for absolute ease, and to keep a record of your political donations.

Chop Wood, Carry Water – During election season, Jessica Craven will suggest concrete actions that you can take to help elect progressive candidates. (This is merely among her general political action alerts. You should follow her ALL the time!)

Volunteer From Home – To do volunteer work on Democratic candidate campaigns, refer to the VoteDem-moderated nationwide campaigne data sheet. It provides the latest volunteer opportunities you can work on, from your phone.

Endorsement Organizations

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